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The office environment is an essential part of a company’s personality and success.  Specializing in functionality, aesthetics and modularity, Arwright’s innovative creations deliver fully integrated and highly flexible office furniture solutions to compliment your company’s individual needs.

Since its beginnings in 1965,  Artwright has supplied its unique line of products to companies and organizations in more than 25 countries worldwide.

In 1965, Artwright started as a modest producer of drawing boards and tee-squares for the engineers and architects. The Artwright name is an acronym for being the 'art' business and doing the 'right' thing. It quickly become notable for its innovations and quality.

In 1985, using the same know-how of height and angle adjustability, we introduced ergonomically suitable worktops for computers famously known as System TX. As the computer became part of the office environment, Artwright's passionate obsession to create the perfect balance of flexibility and commercial reality became a natural progression for the perfectionist culture that prevails.

Over the years, Artwright enabled countless corporations develop the 'art' to experience the 'right' office environment and conducive interior landscape.