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The Artwright Design Lab presents the simple yet powerful System MXi2™, an extension of the System MX™ rich designs and powerful vocabulary.

System MXi2™ aspires to be the designer's interior architectural dream - allowing full flexibility, supreme performance, while at the same time provide clean-line simplicity of a solid panel-based system.

In addition to the full performance of a premium high-end frame-and-tile system, the MXi2™ panels can also be a light-and slim pole system. As usual, the new System MXi2™ carries the Artwright tradition of being fully integrated to all the existing System MX™ superior engineered products first introduced in 1986.

The ergonomic premium System MX™ family also includes MXV2™ with various trims and finishes vocabulary, MXV2-68™ slim frame-and-tile system, MX™ Hybrid light float-panels and float-legs, MXV2™ wall and room systems and MXi™ pole system.