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The Slim and Sleek Frame-and-Tiles

With the high specifications of the MXV2 open architecture frames, System MXV2-68 is a proven, practical, high performance yet slim frame-and-tiles system with 68mm thickness panel that truly adapts to the changes in the workplace.
System MXV2-68 delivers the key benefits of the MXV2, namely superior wire management, extreme durability, limitless design options, interchangeable components.  It provides exceptional values enabled by simple specifications, installation, reconfiguration, facility management and upgrades that can be easily retrofitted, including being stackable.

The slim and refined trims provides a clean and inviting look to your workplace.  The connecting poles are available in 90-degree and 120-degree to help organizations use their floor space effectively and creatively.

n addition, the exacting standards of System MXV2 integrates perfectly with the System MXi pole systems and System MXi2 solid panel system to provide limitless design options in personalizing your workplace.  System MXi3 superior slim will soon be introduced