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Freestanding Table 1050H

K-CUBE-T4 : 1200W.600D.1050H
K-CUBE-T4 : 1600W.600D.1050H


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Functional Storage

The open space in the upper wall unit enables storage of amenities conveniently. Options of 1 opening and 2 openings are available.

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Tea Plate

Movable tea plates are useful for light refreshment during work.

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Magnetic Screen Connector

Technologically advance CUBE designs allow layout changes with a simple snap ! Thanks to the magnetic screen connectors.

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Various Heights of Sofa Backrest

available to suit the space and work requirements.

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IT Box

IT Box is an interior element, divides spaces and creates a comfortable atmosphere. IT Box supports the usage of IT gadgets with side light and electronic power (wireless charging, plug, USB, etc as options).