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flexibility redefined

Work is changing - work is now increasingly mobile and networked.  Office chairs need to evolve with this change.

The concept of VTor is to provide flexible components that deliver flexible solutions that represent the perfect interplay between work environment, work processes and work culture.

The modularization of VTor can make itself transformed to meet individual needs of chairs, while ensuring comfort and ergonomics.

The perfect gentle curve design is stylish and elegant.  VTor is a statement of beauty in simplicity.


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Synchronized Tilt

The seat plate and backrest tilt independently in response to natural body movements. The tilt mechanism allows the most suitable support for your different postures.

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Multi Limited Tilt

This advanced 4-step multi limiter helps control over your maximum levels of tilt angle depending on your prefered working postures.

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Adjustable Headrest

The headrest design minimizes pressures on your neck with features of height and angle adjustments to ensure the effective support.

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Adjustable Seat Depth

By pulling out the lever under the seat, you can easily adjust the depth of your seating.

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Mesh and Fabric Back Option

VTOr provides options of mesh back and cushioned fabric back to suit the different requirements of the work environment.

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3-Dimensional Adjustable Arms

The adjustable armrest is height, depth and pivot adjustable. The armpad is made of TPU, which is a non-allergy, recyclable material that is soft to the touch.

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Lumber Support

The adjustable lumber support provides effective and sophisticated support to your body.

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Options in Leg Base

The leg base is available in Polished Aluminium, or aluminium with epoxy powder coating colors of Black and White.