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Executive Seat

a new Dimenison
EX30 offers differentiated work within one design. The ingenious design promotes ergonomics functions and adapts to various work styles of different individuals AUTOMATICALLY.

It is DESIGNED FOR multi-functional diverse work environment.


Full Leather High Back

• Synchronized Tilt
• Weight AUTO-Adjust Tilt mechanism
• Flexible Back


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Synchronized Tilt

The seat plate and backrest tilt independently in response to natural body movements. The tilt mechanism allows the most suitable support for your different postures. - semi-public-seat funtionality.

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The backrest support strength is AUTO-adjusted to body weight of user without additional controls, ensuring different users’ ergonomics each and everytime - semi-public-seat funtionality.

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Airy Backrest

Ventilative backrest have perspiration built on your back by effectively releasing body heat while seated.

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Ergonomic Backrest Pattern

Multiple dimensions of UNIQUE backrest desing supports your back FULLY, and also allow your body flexible movements left or right side leans. - semi-public-seat funtionality.

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Seat Cushion

Inner shell cushion offers the user comfort posture, and can be maintained over time by seat cushion replacement.

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Intuitive Buttons.

Embedded knobs at the bottom of the seat enhances easy access, visibility and excellent grip feeling. - semi-public-seat funtionality.

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Inner Shell Slots

Inner seat shell slots under the cushion disperses weight through the slot to improve seating comfort.

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Meshback Option

Height adjustable lumber support to ensure ergonomic back comfort and health.