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System MX DWS

Architectural Wall

System MX-DWS - an innovative architectural wall system that delivers clean lines and modern aesthetics. The system focuses on total environmentally friendliness under the concept of "reuse" and "reconfigure".

MX-DWS boosts of simplicity and improved ease of system installation with superior sound insulation designed within its structures.

MX-DWS has all the benefits of a high-end architectural wall system while delivering the full vocabulary of a premium office furniture system by integrating seamlessly with the entire System MX family, including MXV2, MXi, MXi2, and MXV2-68.

MX-DWS provides the options to be ceiling mounted or stand-alone with top edge-straightening U-channels that are also functioning as wire organizers.

Functional yet flexible solutions.
The MX-DWS architectural wall system is designed to define a new office setting. The clean-lined simplicity harmonizes with the building interior environment.

The system is capable of delivering innovative solutions and configurations to define various spaces and to satisfy specific functional needs : space division for various operating zones and for privacy, meeting room and executive boardroom, library, training room and store front, as well as private office and executive office.

System MX-DWS enables creative plays and combination of colours and materials to allow interesting space division and utilization for your conductive work place.


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The Angle Connections
The ingeniously engineered "Flexible Angle Trim" enables panel to panel and panel to door connection at any angle, making it possible for a curved wall design in your office landscape.

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The finishing
System MX-DWS offers a wide array of colours and material choices for varying tones and patterns in your office interior design.

The system offers Solid Fascias in Laminates, Veneers and fabric upholstered surfaces, as well as Glass Fascias in single-glazed or double glazed arrangements. All the finishing options are available in single-module or segmented design.

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The Door Frame
Full height doors are attached to an perfectly finished door frame with continuous hinge.

An arch-way is available for certain applications when the door panel is not required.

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Wooden Doors for Privacy
The system offers a selection of door panels to meet aesthetic needs. Solid doors in laminates or veneers are standard options.

The door panels also come with telescopic flush ceiling mount, or stand-alone with straightening U-channels.


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Communicative Glass Doors
Single or double leaf full tempered glass doors are available for choices to complete your office design

We pay attention to the selection of the door handle and lock to ensure your quality experience at every use..


Technical Performance

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The storage sits on a complimenting modular base design which also functions as a wire management frame structure.

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Wire box and wire management are concealed inside the storage cabinet with an operable wire cover, allowing sockets and plugs into the top surface as well as neatly insude the cabinet. The structural bottom platform is modular and have wire trays and other facilities for a high-performance storage system

The MX-DWS architectural wall system is designed with acoustics in consideration. The system can provide both sound-blocking and sound absorbing properties.

As part of the System MX product family, the products have been successfully tested under international standards of ANSI, BIFMA and British Standards.

The acoustic / fabric fasciae provide a superior NRC (noise reduction coefficient), and STC (sound transmission class) properties, and the performance depends on pad materials specified, installation quality, and DWS system type.

System MX-DWS is now available in the new single wall, in addition to the existing double wall system.